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Beautiworx has a fully equipped laboratory and a technical team committed to formulating products with the latest technology and quality raw materials. This complements our many years of experience ensuring our customers’ expectations meet with regulatory requirements.

We deliver a start-to-finish process for a wide range of cosmetics, bath and beauty related products, all the while working closely with you to meet your specific product and marketing needs. Our dynamic and enthusiastic development team works closely with you to ensure the products are developed in line with requirements.

We can customise formulations for you.

Building on our experience and with access to an extensive library of stock formulations we can work with you to create a unique range of emulsions, lotions, gels and creams to suit your marketing and brand needs.

Beautiworx takes pride in knowing and understanding the industry. We assess and research trends in not just packaging, fragrance, colour and emulsions but also new product styles and new brand launches both domestically and overseas.

Developing products that are relevant, in fashion and on song for our clients is an imperative.

Our products are not tested on animals.



Skin Care

Our product range has grown substantially in this area. We have a dedicated manufacturing cell on site, used specifically to produce high production value skin care products, for the discerning consumer. These products are sold both domestically and overseas in many territories.

We now use some very specific ingredients to tailor make formulations such as Anti-Ageing and Anti-Wrinkle creams and lotions. Also available are products such as Face Creams, Eye Creams and Gels as well as Masks and Exfoliators to help the skin battle the signs of ageing.

We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of the latest ingredients and science in skin care. Let us show you what products we can offer in this sector from Anti-Ageing, to Skin Lightening, including the latest BB, CC and now DD creams.



Natural Products

Organic and natural products are a growing consumer consideration when choosing bath, beauty and cosmetic product.

Beautiworx has expertise in natural and organic product development in all product types. With relationships to major organic raw material suppliers we can advise clients on the best materials to use, the most appropriate formats and the claims that can be made to achieve your Brand’s position in this important market sector.



Hair Products

Beautiworx has extensive experience in the creation and manufacture of hair care and styling products. We understand the difference between mass-market products and the professional hair care sectors. We believe tailoring product in not just application, look and feel but also in price is a key factor in developing Brand with the best chance of success in the marketplace.

Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and treatments in addition to styling products such as gels, waxes and serums are part of our suite of hair product formulations. This coupled with our ability to develop and supply non-aerosol delivery systems for mousses and sprays enables Beautiworx to deliver across all aspects of this sector. We create for both male and female product ranges.



Bath and Body Products

Our New Product Development Team has the expertise to advise on and formulate a wide range of body cleansers, shower gels, bath oils, milks, foams as well as bronzing gels. We can deliver body scrub options such as cream, gels with a range of exfoliation options, including salt, sugar and natural particles.

At Beautiworx we understand that the key to product success is to achieve a sensorial experience for the consumer. This feeling maybe as simple as smelling fresh, or coupled with the feeling that the skin is moisturised and nourished. Some customers want to feel special and pampered when they open the package.

Our team works with you to tailor all aspects of your product to meet your demographic and customer needs.




Our technical team has the knowledge and expertise on scents and fragrance working hand in glove with our clients to produce simply stunning fragrances. With over two decades of strong supplier relationships Beautiworx is able to respond quickly to your demographic needs.

Beautiworx procures the best quality glass bottles, in numerous shapes, size and colour for your product. With our own in house kiln, we can print glass jars and bottles, streamlining the approval process from graphic design, labelling to finished sample and filled product.



Men's Products

Male grooming is a high growth sector. With a full understanding of the differences between male and female skin care needs, our Technical Department has developed a suite of moisturisers, creams, balms, gels and serums specifically targeted at this demanding high value consumer group.

Integral to this suite of products is our wide range of shave gels, creams and oils specifically formulated with ingredients that actively target skin stress caused by shaving, the number one concern of men in this market segment.



Lip Balms

We have a number of formulas and can offer flavoured Lip Balms as well as coloured Lip Balms. These are available in stick, tube and pot style packaging.




While most anti-perspirant deodorants we produce are atomiser / pump sprays, we have formulations and the capability to produce cream deodorant pots and fragrant feminine hygiene sprays in non-aerosol packaging.