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In-Cosmetics Asia 2014

  • By Beautiworx

Sam Lacey, Development Chemist provides her take away.

With over 400 exhibitors and every exhibitor fighting for your attention, in three days there was a lot to absorb. So as not to forget anything, on my return I ditched my carry on luggage in favour of a suitcase and packed it full with more than three kilograms of brochures.

Anti-aging continues to boom, with consumers now starting to use anti-agers from 25 onwards. Anti-aging claims are moving into hair care, colour cosmetics, men’s ranges and wash off products. Social media also appeared to be having an impact on product development and product on show. Much discussion was had amongst participants about skincare. There is a view the selfie trend is leading to an increased desire for skin perfecting and spot correcting as well as hyperpigmentation reduction. Fashion brands such as Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors are also beginning to launch beauty ranges.

Hair care has seen the introduction of “hairceuticals” with cellular level treatments, protein and amino complexes, anti-agers and skincare inspired products. More and more products are looking to include reactive or preventative sun care ingredients. Hair cosmetics such as alphabet creams, primers and hair chalk are growing in the market and now many products are taking inspiration from food and drink ranges.

Products across the board are utilising technology to create new experiences; from nail art that flashes when your phone rings, to a lens that can be added to your smart phone for a skin checker app, or an app that recommends hair products for the day based on the weather forecast. The influence of bloggers on consumer choice was also discussed widely.

Multifunctional products are still extremely popular in a world where everything (and everyone) is go, go, go!

At the innovation zone awards were given for the best ingredient. In-cosmetics Asia 2014 awarded Gold to Actigym from Lipotec, dubbed the “secret personal trainer” with contour reductions visible after 28 days of treatment on abdomen, thighs or arms. Could this be the ingredient we’ve all dreamt of? At Beautiworx we are currently in the midst of developing a prototype formulation containing Actigym.

Silver was awarded to Valvance from DSM that combines new sensory and visual modifiers to deliver immediate perceived effects via look and feel.

Bronze was jointly awarded to Tinosorb from BASF an organic particulated UVB & UVAII absorber and CindarellaCare from Ichimaru – a natural whitening ingredient.

With so much to see there were even dedicated trails that you could follow for anti-aging, skin whitening, emulsifiers, moisturisers, skin whitening and Japanese ingredients. There was a Japan country focus for 2014 with a dedicated stand set up to new or novel Japanese ingredients and products to test. All of these things made for a very busy but very informative three days in Bangkok! I am happy to share further any of my observations and discoveries. Please contact me E: